Yoga Nidra for Recovery, Addiction and Healing

Yoga Nidra or “Yogic Sleep” is a powerful guided meditation that takes you beyond the mind into the healing flow of the body. In this special session Colette one of the Yoga Nidra Instructors and the Director of Recovery Programs at the Amrit Yoga Institute takes you on a journey to freedom and rejuvenation.

Yoga Nidra…
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8 Sattvic Foods to Help Balance Your Body and Mind

He who practices yoga without moderation of diet, incurs various diseases, and obtains no success.” (Gheranda Samhita 5/16) A branch cannot survive on its own. It must connect to the tree trunk and roots in order to absorb the elements and thrive in nature. Neither yoga nor Ayurveda are singular practices. They are more like
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What nonduality is (bliss) and isn’t (no bliss)…

What nonduality is (bliss) and isn

Ramana Maharshi

“Nonduality”, is defined as “not two”, “one undivided without a second” or “the multiplicity of the universe is reducible to one essential reality” (Espin, et al. (2007)), has become more popular, so many folk have rushed in to exploit the trend, which has generated many different versions of how it manifests…

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